I Have Had Many Teeth Removed. How Can I Get My Smile Back?

Hello my question today is to ask about implants. Since a young age I have had epilepsy, I’m now 43 and growing up was difficult because of my fits. During said fits I would bite down hard to the point where my teeth would break and chip. Most wre taken out because of this. Adulthood was the same. I wear a plate now and most of my adult teeth are gone. My epilepsy is under control to a degree and not as bad as it was. Is there any treatment for me to have my smile back? It has impacted every area of my life and having a smile would change my life. Many thanks.
Hi, thank you for your question. Implants might be an option for you if you want fixed teeth. The first step is to have a full consultation and CT scan to see if you’re a suitable candidate, a full plan and cost estimate can then be prepared. Regards, Andrew. 
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