I Have Had A Variety Of Orthodontics For Malocclusion Reasons. I Would Like Braces Again And Would Like To Know If My Gums Will Be Affected?

Hi Dr Hughes, I’ve undergone orthodontics for an anterior cross bite and malocclusion as my front lower teeth are hitting my uppers. My front teeth are stripped and unfortunately by the end of the treatment my 1st molars are twisted up and so I have malocclusion at my back teeth. By the time I realised the inconvenience my upper braces are removed. I got my new upper braces again after this new doc was able to settle malocclusion at back but as the twisted teeth are straightened my front malocclusion is back again. Since I have less time because of marriage. I recently had my braces removed. Now it’s been 6 months after my braces removed and I want to have braces again. How will this effect my teeth and gum problems? How will I able to correct my occlusion without stripping my teeth? I need your advice please.
It may be possible but without examining you thoroughly it’s impossible to confirm that. Please go and see a ‘Specialist Orthodontist’ for an opinion and advice in person. You must have adequate retention every time you have orthodontic movement so please bear this in mind. Retainers are a life long commitment to prevent your teeth moving back (relapsing) once you have movement carried out.

Regards, Mark.

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