I Have Had A Root Canal On A Crowned Tooth. Would It Be Possible To Get A Bridge For Two Teeth Or Would I Need Dental Implants?

Hi Mark, I have been to the dentist and been told I need to have a root canal on a crown I had years ago which has never worked and he is not sure how much tooth is left, also the tooth next to it is not in a great condition, the top is completely crumbled but he might be able to save it to crown. The cost is too much to have the work done on both so my other option is to have them both out. Not sure what to do other than that though. Would I be able to get a bridge for two teeth or would I need to get implants? Also how much money would that be?
Thank you.
Hi. Removing the 2 teeth and having a type of bridge or dental implant-retained crowns is certainly an option for you. However the implant option is likely to be 3 or 4 times the cost of new crowns. Bridges come in many variations, the cheapest of which are ‘resin bonded ‘ bridges but these may only last a number of years. Fixed bridge options would again be more expensive than 2 new crowns. Sometimes a bridge can be made from one of the central front teeth to replace the other.

Costs will vary for all the different options of course and also with the quality of the aesthetic result you wish to achieve and the quality of the treatment you want to invest in. The most qualified and experienced dentists will also charge higher fees but you’re paying for their experience and a better guarantee of excellence.

Next step is to meet and speak to an expert in person so you can be assessed thoroughly.

Kind regards, Mark.

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