I have gum recessions all over my mouth

Q. I have a serious gum recessions all over my mouth, what i can take to restore them? thank you

A. Thank you for your query.

If you have gum recession, the first step to take is to find out what is causing it.

Majority of the times gum recession is due to underlying gum disease.

Periodontitis is the name given to gum disease which has advanced to involve the periodontium (the bone and ligament around each tooth). It is important to preserve the bone levels around your teeth in order to prevent your teeth from becoming loose.

There are many degrees of Periodontitis and the only way to diagnose the extent of the damage is with a periodontal examination. This is a simple and painless examination with a special instrument to check the bone level around each of your teeth.

Once this is diagnosed then you would require a series of hygienist visits to stabilise the situation.

After the gum disease is stabilised then there is a possibility of having “gum grafts” to replace the missing tissue. But of course you would have to be a suitable candidate for this to be an option.

I hope the helps.

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