I have gum disease and root treatment can anything be done to hide the recession

Q. I have had gum disease which has affected my lower front gums which are receding also i have had root treatment on my front upper tooth which is very discoloured. can anything be done to hid the recession in my gums.

A. It can be extremely difficult to treat receeding gums. The problem is that if there is no bone to support underneath the gum then there is nothing to support the gum. If you have localised gum recession then a gum graft may be possible to cover over the exposed root. My best advice to you would be for you to have a consultation with a periodontist ( gum specialist). Your dentist should be able to refer you.

The discoloured root filled tooth could be bleached to lighten it. This is done by placing bleach within the root canal. Following this a crown or veneer can be used if necessary restore your smile.


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