I Have Gone Almost 2 Years Waiting For Dentures To Get Made. How Can I Get Soft Dentures?

Hi Dr Hughes, I have waited almost 2 years to get dentures made, after four top sets being made they still look disgusting and really bad. I was sent to a dental school at my local hospital and I am getting another top set made, but it already looks like the teeth are too large and the plate is the thickest I’ve ever seen. Do you know of anyone that will help me just get teeth that make me want to smile again? I would get implants if they were available for me, but unfortunately I am out of work. I have heard of soft dentures that look real and would settle for them. Thanks.
Hello. It might be a case of trying another dental hospital or asking for a referral if you cannot have private treatment. It might be worth finding out how much soft dentures would cost you by finding a local dentist and ringing up. You could then try to save up as much as possible. Some practices also offer payment plans to make costs more manageable. I hope this helps. Regards, Mark.
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