I Have Gaps But All Of My Front Teeth Are Straight. Would Simpli5 Be An Option? Or Would Invisalign Be More Suitable?

Hi Andrew. I’ve had normal braces before through the NHS and they came off early as they kept braking all the time. I have gaps at the front but my teeth are all straight. Would Simpli5 be an option? Or would Invisalign be more suitable? If Simpli5 were suitable and they were on for 3 months for example how much would this cost? Or would I need to see a consultant? I hope to hear back from you, and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Hello and thank you for your enquiry. Unfortunately I can’t give you a quote without seeing you in person but I would guess Invisalign will work really well for you based on the information you have provided. The cost usually depends on how much correction is needed so it’s best to find out through a consultation. A few clinics offer free consultations so search the internet for one in your area. I hope this helps you answer some of your questions. Kind regards, Dr Andrew Moore.
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