I have front teeth overbite and i dont want to wear metal braces can i have veneers

Q. I have a question about veneers, can I wear them? I have front teeth overbite and I do not want to wear metal braces again! I wore braces back in 2001 thru 2003 and now I have a ugly overbite. My teeth has changed my entire appearance. How can I get that million dollar smile? I’m also 47 years old and an artist, I can’t be walking around like this. What do you suggest, Doc…

A. Hi there,
thanks for your enquiry. veneers is not anoption for everybody. It depends on how your bite is and if you grind/clench etc. for some people, then full coverage crowns may be the answer- as long as you undrestands that by having tis treatment, in the long run, you may be comromising the health of your teeth. with orthodontics, your teeth’s health is not compromised. there are several forms of orthodontic treatment available- especially discreet versions that can hardly be seen. I would strongly advise that you see a cosmetic dentist for a consultation to discuss all of your possible options before making a final decision.
Hope this helps.
alternatively, I would be more than happy to see you for a free consultation at my kissdental practice in Manchester.

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