I Have Epilepsy And As The Result Of Grinding, I Have Broken My Back Teeth. Will The NHS Provide Me With Dental Implants?

I am 32 years old and have had epilepsy all my life and as a result of continual grinding, I have broke and lost a lot of back teeth. I struggle to chew my food and the last time I was with my dentist I asked for dentures he said I could not get them as the many fits I have increase the change of me choking on them. My only option would be dental implants, but I have looked about and seen the price of them. I was shocked and many people I have asked say that the nhs will not pay for them. I need to know if this is true? Will the nhs pay for them? 
Hello and thank you for contacting me. Unfortunately as a private dentist, I am unaware of the latest nhs regulations and restrictions. As I understand it however, the nhs is unlikely to provide you with dental implants as it is considered a cosmetic treatment. You may want to consider asking a dentist to refer you to a dental hospital, but I would personally recommend finding an experienced implantologist to perform this treatment. Most practices have payment options available to spread the costs, making the treatment cost more manageable. I hope this helps. Best wishes, Marcus Gambroudes.
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