I have dental phobia and need to have all of my teeh extracted, can you advise me as to how I can receive treatment in a dental hospital?

i would like to ask your opinion on my situation, my dentist says i need all of my teeth removed and to have dentures. i am only 24, my dentist says that i should go to a hospital for the treatment as i have dental phobia. i have had treatment under concious sedation which didn’t work and the dentist wouldn’t treat me. my dentist will not refer me to kings because he says its out of his area, and kings wont take me without a referral. i am in pain with my teeth and struggling to eat, i now have a huge abscess which has returned for the second time. i am just going round and round in circles and feel like i am just being sent away. can you advise me as to what to do.
Many thanks.
Its hard to say without seeing you but I think you could try to call Kings or another dental hospital to see if they can give you a second opinion. If not ask your dentist to refer you.
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