I Have Decay In My Roots. My Dentist Tells My It Needs To Be Extracted. Is This Correct Or Is There A Viable Alternative?

Hi Mark. I have sensitivity in an upper molar. My dentist X-rayed and reported decay at the junction of the roots. He said that due to the position of the decay the only remedy he could recommended was an extraction.
My gums have receded somewhat due to my age but if possible I would like to avoid extraction. Is this advice correct or is there a viable alternative? I have an implant next to this tooth and I am worried that the gap left after an extraction could lead to weakening of the implant. Thank you.
Hello. I would need to at least see an X-ray to offer some opinion. Sometimes teeth are not possible to rebuild or it could be totally impractical and extraction is the only option. Without assessing you and your situation fully I could not offer any advice about whether or not your dentist’s opinion is one I’d concur with. If you are concerned why don’t you get a second opinion from a highly respected dentist and possibly a restorative/prosthodontics specialist?

Regards, Mark.

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