I Have Crooked Teeth And I’ve Always Wanted Veneers. Could You Give Me A Rough Idea Of What Treatment Options I’d Need?

Hello Dr Hughes. I have always wanted veneers for my teeth. They are very crooked and made worse in recent years due to my wisdom teeth (which desperately need removing) I also have a false tooth next to my front teeth on the right hand side. This was a temporary tooth put in when I was 15 (I’m now 27!) as I never grew another tooth on either side. (I can send pictures if necessary). I wanted a rough idea of treatment options and cost to correct my smile and straighten my awful teeth. I would be looking at maybe 6 veneers on the top and 4 along the bottom? I’d probably need them whitening also and any other treatment you think is necessary (such as removal of wisdom teeth). Thanks in advance I very much look forward to your reply.
Hello. Please send a photo via this url link and I can give you a better idea of options and suitability – if your teeth are very crooked, veneers can sometimes be too destructive to the teeth.  http://www.invisiblebracesgroup.co.uk/upload.html. Regards, Mark.
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