I have continual problems with my teeth and struggling to find a dentist who can do what i require, what do you suggest?

Q. ok due to variouse errors from other dentists i have found myself in dia emergency state given over the past 15 yrs i have not been able to find a dentist WHO could do what i requested 🙁 i currently have a HUGE gumboil left side face seriouse pressure along jawline face swelling like puffer fish and a constant pressure behind my left eye and i am VERY worried it could spread a lot further as my regular doctor has warned me i stand a good chance of further infection and CONTINUAL problems.. Given the fact i have dia gum disease all my teeth are smashed broken and well tbh RAW “as in enamel gone left nurves open 🙁 i am in constant pain have been for yrs and i am finding it disheartening to say the least to be able to find a dentist who can do the excessive ammount of work needed i have problems with needles as my gums are almost non existent now :s so injections often dont work and the pain is TOTALLY unbearabl for me what i need to know or find out is HOW can i arrange or get arranged an appointment where i could be “put out COLD” and have the teeth removed “excess of 12 teeth and MORE roots than anything 🙁 i am petrified as to a continual spiral as it has been for the past yrs 🙁 Who would i contact HOW can i find a dentist or even as was suggested b4 set an appointment at hospital to have it done at same time 🙁 i am a full time carer to my mother who has cancer and the thought of myself becoming ill in this way well as u can tell scares me PLEASE PLEASE can you assist me in regards to info or any way i can get this done as the absces at mo is SCAREY in size and is definately reacuring 🙁 And im at a point where i cant even eat properly due to the constant pain Thanks.
A. Hello, you need to see someone asap then arrange perhaps for treatment at a hospital perhaps under general anaesthetic
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