I Have Been Told That I’m Going To Lose All Of My Teeth. How Much Does It Cost To Have Them Replaced?

Hi Andrew. I have had dental issues for many years and at my last appointment I was told that my teeth will fall out sooner rather than later (apparently my gums are not so healthy). That was about 9 months ago and I am yet to lose any teeth. I want to replace all my teeth with new ones so that I am able to progress in the entertainment industry. What I would like to know is, how much is a procedure such as this likely to cost? Thank you. I hope to hear from you soon.
Hello. It sounds like you are probably looking at using dental implants to hold fixed teeth. This is the gold standard of tooth replacement, alternatively you might need to consider simple removable dentures. As a guide private dentures start from £1000 implant supported teeth from £10,000. If you would like greater detail on these types of treatment, this website offers a number of informative pages on these subjects. I hope this helps. Best of luck, Dr Andrew Moore.
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