I Have Been Told That I Would Need My Jaw Aligned Before Having Fixed Braces? Does This Sound Correct?

Hi Dr Gambroudes. I’m 22 years old and an nhs patient. I recently went to see a dentist and he said I needed a fixed brace and 2 teeth out to make room for my 4 teeth at the front which are overcrowded. Years ago, I was told that I couldn’t have braces because my jaw isn’t correct and unless I had my jaw cracked into place. I have chosen not to have my jaw cracked and recently this dentist said that it is possible to have fixed braces. This is confusing. I was also wondering whether I have to pay the nhs for braces or not? Thanks.
Hello and thank you for getting in touch. As a private dentist, I am not fully up to date with the latest NHS regulations regarding the costs of particular treatments. You should ring the NHS helpline to find out. I would need to see you in person to find out whether fixed braces would work for you or whether you would need corrective jaw surgery beforehand. You should try a second opinion through a consultation. If you would like to find out about the various discreet brace options, you can do so through this website. I hope this helps. Best wishes, Dr Marcus Gambroudes.
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