I Have Been Bullied For Years Because I Have A Large Chin, Please Help!

Hi, I’m 32 years old and have suffered with real confidence issues since my school days due to a large chin I’ve been called every name under the sun. School was horrible, I would literally walk through the gates and be called the most awful things and this continued outside of it too. It has since made me feel very self conscious and as a result I’m a very introvert person and don’t say two words to anyone for fear that they’ll start mocking me too. I just wish I had heard about jaw surgery before I also have very crowded teeth and an overbite which also doesn’t help, looking back this is something I definitely feel should have been an option for me when I was younger

What would be my options now and who should I speak to about it?

Hello and thank you for taking your time to write in. You can possibly be referred to a dental hospital to have a consultation. You can also find your local one or ask your dentist or doctor to refer you. I hope this helps, regards. 
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