I Have An Impacted Tooth Which Hurts The Tooth Below It. Will Braces Fix This For Me?

Hi there,
I have a tooth growing on top of another tooth (2nd premolar). I would like to know if I would need braces to fix this. I have been searching online and have seen that most people who share my problem with their teeth have needed and been given braces. They have said it was because of the growing tooth needing to grow down straight after the already present tooth was removed, so that none of the other teeth would move. I am not sure whether the growing tooth is growing in the right position, but it appears as though it is growing but sticking out of line from the rest of the teeth. I also cannot chew properly on that side (left) of my mouth, because of my tooth pushing against the one that is growing which hurts a lot. I also would like to know how the gaps in my teeth and my two bottom central twisted incisors could also be fixed (if possible), as other people always point them out to me which effects my confidence a lot.

Thanks a lot!

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to write in with you question. Its difficult to advise you without seeing your X-rays. It sounds like you may need braces or that they might need to remove the tooth. You should go and see your dentist to and see what he says. He will refer you to an orthodontist if necessary. Kind regards, Dr Hussein Shaffie.
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