I Have An Impacted Canine Tooth. I Would Rather The Gap Caused By This To Be Closed Using A Dental Implant. Is This Possible?

Hello Dr Hughes. I would really like your advice. I’m 16 and have an impacted canine tooth, my baby tooth is still there but it’s starting to get a pink tint at the top and I’m sure that’s going to be a problem and will need to come out. I don’t wanna consider the exposure of the tooth and braces option, I would much rather leave the impacted tooth in and get an implant or bridge to replace the empty space. I was wondering if this is possible and if not what are other options I have without braces? Thank you for your time.
Hello. If you have a tooth still there up in your palate then an implant is unlikely to be possible as there may not be enough space for the implant as it will be larger/longer than the baby tooth root. A bridge could be possible and there are several options and designs possible. You may want to consider clear aligners such as Invisalign. Please go and see a very experienced cosmetic dentist who places implants for advice regarding this and you’re other options. Regards, Mark.
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