I Have An Extremely Small Mouth Which Depresses Me. Is There Anything That Can Be Done To Make My Mouth Bigger?

Hello Mark. I’d really like to know if you can help me as I have an extremely small mouth. It is about 4.5-5cm wide when I relax it. This makes me extremely self-conscious all the time, and I really despise my face because of this. I cannot do a natural ‘toothy smile’ as it always looks way too forced, but even my closed mouth smile looks awfully small. Is there any kind of procedure or surgery that can be done to make my mouth bigger/wider, or anything I can wear or do? Thank you in advance.
Hello and thank you for getting in touch. Maybe….I would either need to see you in person for a consultation or you could send me some photos at this web address so I can determine what could be done in greater detail and get back to you. [email protected]. If you require further information in the meantime you could search this website for information on the various treatments now available. Kind regards, Mark.
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