I Have An Abscess With No Pain But It Won’t Go Away. Should I Have Root Canal Treatment?

I have an abscess on my upper right teeth no. 6. but there is no pain. I wear braces too. I went to a dentist not for a check up last time because there was a swelling on my cheek already but she said it was normal everything is fine because I wear braces. The next day the swelling got worse and was affecting the right side of my face. I went back to the clinic but to another dentist. She said I have an abscess and prescribed Coamoxiclav 1g and Diclofenac and told me to come back after 5 days for RCT. The swelling on my face subsided but the abscess was still there. I went back after 5 days but she didn’t perform RCT because there was no pain. She just pricked the abscess with a needle and prescribed again another Coamoxiclav 1g and Flagyl. She said if there’s pain after, that she will have to extract it. Now the abscess has still not gone and there is still no pain. I didn’t take Coamoxiclav again. I think I might suffer from an overdose if I did. Also I asked her if she would change the filling of my other tooth because it’s too thin already( 8years) but she just won’t unless it hurts. Was she right? Please help. I don’t want to lose my teeth.
It sounds like you need a root canal treatment and the tooth will also likely need to be crowned or onlayed after that to protect the tooth from fracturing. I would advise seeing a specialist endodontist for the root canal and speak to your own dentist or get a second opinion regarding what to do with the tooth after the root canal procedure. All to be confirmed of course following examinations.



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