I Have A Small Gap Between My Two Front Teeth. How Much Would This Cost To Amend With Teeth Bonding?

Hi Mark. I am a student which means money is tight, therefore I want to know more about costing. I have a rather small gap between my front two teeth around 1mm wide, and the rest of my teeth are ‘perfectly’ aligned and straight therefore I feel no point opting for braces but it is something on my face which I very much dislike. Consequently I was wondering how much roughly this will cost to amend with teeth bonding?
Thank you for your time!
Hello and thank you for getting in touch. It will depend on the skill and experience of the cosmetic dentist you choose and the quality of the result you are expecting, but a ball park would be anywhere from £200-600. Sometimes a procedure called a diagnostic wax-up is needed to get the best results and this might add several hundred pounds. We have a page on dental bonding which might help you understand what the treatment involves in greater detail. Hope that helps, Mark.
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