I Have A Problem With My Crown. Could I Remove The Tooth And Use Braces To Fill The Gap In?

Hello Dr Hughes. I’ve had a crown for 3 years but although it looks fine I have a problem with it not being real. I’m very good at cleaning and have to floss as it does get food caught and smells even hours later. I have all 32 teeth and this is a lower molar. I wondered is it possible to remove the crown/tooth completely and then have a brace and move the upper molar and wisdom teeth down in that place? Firstly is it possible? Then I’d have no crown to worry about! Please help getting me depressed. Thanks.
Hello and thank you for writing in. It is theoretically possible to achieve what you request but it would be potentially very time consuming and costly. It might be better to focus on getting a better crown as this may be the problem. Transplanting upper teeth to lower jaws would not be a very practical or predictable option in my opinion. Visit a good quality dentist with a lot of high level experience for best results. Regards, Mark.
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