I have a missing upper left molar I have been recommended to have a bridge. What are my options

Q. I have a missing upper left molar due to the fact that I had acrown fitted which did not take. I have now been recommended to have a bridge fitted, but do not feel that I have had the different types explained to me. I have been quoted £450 & £600. I have been told that one of the proceedures is called Maryland but after reading the details on the website I am even more cofused, The procedure shown to fit a bridge seems to consist of two crowns with a false tootha attached would this be the higher quote do you think. What procedure would you recommend? Regards 

A. The best thing to replace the tooth is an implant. If you have a bridge a marland probably wouldn’t work. It is less destructive than a normal bridge but they have a tendency to fall off especially when replacing a back tooth because these teeth take more pressure.
A normal bridge requires the two teeth on either side to be drilled down and then the false tooth is joined to both of them. These bridges do have a finite life and will ultimately fail. They can last between 10-15 years depending on the strength of the retaining teeth.
An implant is the best option because it has the best success rate, and it doesn’t rely on the other teeth for support
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