I Have A Misplaced Mid-line Down To Sucking My Thumb. Will My Dentist Allow Me To Get Braces?

Hello Andrew. I like to ask you a question. I’m 14 turning 15, and my teeth are pretty straight for the most part but my incisors are a bit crooked but for the most part, they look straight. My problem is, that I have a misplaced mid-line because I sucked my thumbs for 11 years. I just noticed a couple weeks ago. I measured it and it’s about 3.5mm off. It’s also very irritating to bite because the lip feels weird. My mum pointed out that my face is now a bit asymmetrical. Will my dentist allow me to get braces? Thank you for your time.
Hello and thank you for your enquiry. I can’t really speak for him but I guess it will be correctable with fixed braces so ask him when you go for a check up. If you do get braces remember to wear your retainer to prevent your teeth from relapsing. If you’d like to read up about all the different orthodontic system and how they work you can find it through the pages on this website. Kind regards, Dr Andrew Moore.
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