I Have a Lump in my Mouth and Nerve Pain in my Jaw. What Should I Do?

I am very worried. I have had a nerve pain in my top jaw for around two years now and nothing can stop the pain. It doesn’t affect my teeth when I’m eating or drinking, but it hurts to touch, and on the right side under my nose it feels numb. A lump has been there now for around two months and it is getting bigger to the point that I am now stressed, can’t sleep well and I m not sure if it’s something sinister. Last week, my crown fell out and my dentist cemented it back in for me. I pointed out the lump and he said it’s nothing, but he had an emergency patient to deal with so I felt he wasn’t really looking. I can’t get back to see him until 12th December. However I don’t think that I can last that long and I’m not sure what to do next?
If you could advise please that would be great. Many thanks. 
Thank you for your question. My advice would be to choose another dentist of high quality who can see you almost immediately and spend sufficient time assessing and diagnosing your problem. It sounds like you have an infected tooth and a root canal treatment may be what is required. The tooth in question may possibly need to be removed.

Please book some scheduled appointments as soon as you can for both a thorough examination with enough time for a careful diagnosis and then some treatment after that.

Regards, Mark.

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