I Have A Large Overbite Which Is Going To Cause Me Problems In The Future. Will The NHS Provide Me With Orthodontic Treatment?

Hello Marcus. I have a large overbite which causes me real unhappiness. I feel ugly and embarrassed and paranoid that people laugh at me this is really getting me down. My dentist has said it will cause me problems in the future because my bottom teeth hit my gums. I don’t have a bite. I bite with the side of my mouth. Is there anyway I could have orthodontic treatment on the NHS as I’m not in a position to pay thousands of pounds, if I was I would get it sorted tomorrow. Thank you for you time.
Hello and thank you for getting in touch. As a private dentist I am unaware of the latest regulation regarding dental work of this kind through the NHS. I would suggest that you ring the NHS helpline or have a look on their website. If they are unable to provide you with this you may want to contact an experienced orthodontist who can offer some kind of payment plan to spread the cost of this treatment. The costs are different in each patient’s case and decided on a variety of factors. This website has lots of good information on the many different brace types. Best wishes, Marcus.
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