I have a large gap between my front teeth due to gum shrinkage. I have been told veneers wouldn’t work so what are my options?

Q. I have a large gap between my front teeth. My dentist has told me this is due to my gums shrinking. Im 54 a smoker, the size of the gap looks like a tooth is missing. She doesnt think veneers are suitable as this will not cover the gap. What procedure would be advisable.,
A. Dear Enquirer, There are many cosmetic solutions for treatment of unsightly gaps between teeth. It all depends on the size of your gaps as to what treatments would best suit you. You may need to have a course of orthodontic (braces) treatment over a few months or we are able to close gaps with veneers or cosmetic bonding techniques sometimes within one visit, or you may need a combination of orthodontics and veneers. Please have a look at my website www.sparkledental.co.uk and please browse the Gallery page to see various treatment options that I have used to treat my patients’ ‘gaps’. I hope this helps, Sunita
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