I Have A High Lip-Line Which Shows My Gums When I Smile. Should I Speak To A Plastic Surgeon Or A Cosmetic Dentist?

Hello Dr. I have a pretty high lip-line that shows much of my gums when I smile. I was considering having lip lowering or lip repositioning as a procedure to correct my gummy smile. However, I couldn’t find any dentist who knows how to perform such surgery in my country. Instead, I found a plastic surgeon that does the procedure. Is it safe for them to do it or should only periodontists perform such treatment? Thank you for helping me.
Hello. A thorough diagnosis of the reasons why you have the gummy smile would be necessary before coming up with a solution or treatment(s). I would always start with a very experienced cosmetic dentist or restorative specialist first. They would then refer you to a periodontist, oral surgeon, orthodontist, cosmetic facial surgeon or treat the problem themselves. Sometimes a multidisciplinary approach is required involving more than one clinician.

Kind regards, Mark.

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October 22nd, 2014 at 08:47 PM
Nicole Says :

hi doc. i understand that i must see a professional regarding this. and i have consulted several dentists already. they do not really perform lip lowering but gum contouring and putting some veneers only. my teeth have the right size already, they’re not really small. my only concern is if Cosmetic Plastic Surgeons are also capable of performing the procedure . the plastic surgeon i found is an experienced one but i am just wondering because i haven’t heard of a plastic surgeon who enhances gummy smiles only dentists. would gladly appreciate your answer doc. thank you.

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