I Have A Grinding Problem With My Molar. My Dentist Has Advised My To Have It Extracted But I Would Like To Know A Different Solution?

Dear Dr Hughes, I am 47 years old now. I have a chewing or grinding problem with my right 3rd molar. I have pain and sensitivity but no swelling or redness. My dentist advised me to go for extraction as there is grade 2 mobility. Do I really need to have extraction when there is no swelling. Kindly guide me? I am not diabetic or hypertensive.I got flap surgery done 5 years back and till now I have maintained them with proper care. For 6 months now this 3rd molar is not co-operating and it hurts to bite food. Do you know of any other treatment which could help me?
Hello. If it is grade 2 mobile it’s likely to have periodontal disease which can cause problems with the adjacent tooth so it might be best to have it removed – why don’t you get a second opinion if you’re unsure. I’d need to examine you and see recent X-rays to assess the situation properly. I hope this helps to clarify things. Kind regards, Mark.
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