I Have A Gap Between My Lateral Incisors And My Cuspids, The Gap Is Down To The Shape Of My Canines. Would Filing Them Work?

Hello Dr Hughes, I like your help with a problem. I have a gap between my lateral incisors and my cuspids. The gap is down to the shape of my canines, which makes me have this space where my bottom cuspids should be. I’m currently undergoing orthodontic treatment and am wondering if I could somehow have those spaces removed, I really dislike them! Will teeth filing do anything? Should I wait until the orthodontic treatment is finished before fixing this problem? I could send you some pictures of what I’m talking about so you guys could help me in greater detail. That would be brilliant. Thank you for your reply beforehand!
Hello, thank you for writing in. It’s difficult to offer advice without seeing you person. Please send me some pictures so I can advise you better:

[email protected] Hopefully this will help me off you more detailed advice on what can be done. Thanks, Mark.

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