I Have A Few Pointy Teeth. Can They Be Filed Down To Be Level? Would This Make My Teeth Sensitive?

Hey Dr Hughes, I have a tooth that sticks out so whenever I smile you can see it creeping out. It’s so annoying. It’s on the top left hand side and slightly come out over my middle tooth. Can anything be done about this? Could it be filled down or something? Also I have a few of pointy teeth on the top and bottom can they also be filed down to be levelled? Would getting anything of this sort make my teeth sensitive? I once had my teeth whitened and my teeth really hurt so much, like a shocking pain for 2 weeks. Also how much would this cost me?

Thank you for your time. I hope to hear from you soon. Regards.

Hi. Yes, the adjustments could be possible but it’s not possible to confirm that without seeing your situation and then examining you. This treatment is called ‘cosmetic re-contouring’ and it has limitations of course as we do not want to penetrate your enamel to achieve the desired result. Could you send a photo in?

[email protected] . This will give me a greater understanding of your dental condition. Regards, Mark.

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