I Have A Discoloured Front Tooth Which Needs A Veneer. How Do I Choose The Right Dentist?

Hi Mark. I have a discoloured front tooth after having root canal treatment a few years ago. Which then got darker and darker. Are there any other options apart from a veneer to cover this up or make the colour the same as my other teeth? I am considering veneers but don’t like the idea of them falling off in a few years. How do I choose the right dentist? My local dentist cost is £200 which is considerably cheaper than I have seen online which worries me. Your advice will be appreciated.
Hello. Internal bleaching might be possible. To choose an excellent cosmetic dentist look for experience, qualifications and proven expertise such as a large selection of similar cases in their portfolio – all done to a standard of excellence. The cost of a high quality veneer to mask a very dark tooth and match it almost perfectly to a natural tooth next to it would usually be in the region of £1000-2000. This is one of the most difficult challenges in cosmetic dentistry. Kind regards, Mark.
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