I Have A Calcium Deficiency. My Veneer Fell Off And I Need It Replaced. Could A Dental Trainee Do This?

Hi there. I am a model and currently receiving more job offers than ever, however my teeth will lose me work. Only yesterday I lost a veneer. I was born with calcium deficiency and my teeth have suffered greatly. I discovered a few years ago that I have a pituitary tumour, it has probably been there since I was a child and hence why I’ve discovered many problems that I’ve only found throughout my adulthood. I was quoted a few years ago from a dentist from York, who said they would give me a Hollywood smile for £2800, but even that I can’t afford. Here in the U.K it would cost around £14000 so my question is: Can I have work done by being a study for trainees? I have veneers, bridges, crowns and I’ve had major work done which were fabulous but that was over 18 years ago. Can someone help? I’m willing to travel….. Regards.
This is sometimes possible as long as costs are met (your laboratory expenses for example) and only if your case is deemed suitable. You would need to come for a thorough examination and consultation first for which there is a fee. If you would like more information please email some photos to [email protected]  I cannot make any promises but we will see what we can do. Regards, Mark.
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August 24th, 2014 at 08:47 PM
darleen driver Says :

Hi there Mark, Firstly I thank you ever so much for your reply. What would your initial cost be? Approximately what would the lab fees be? (I won’t hold you to it). I will send you pictures within the next 48 hours. I currently reside in Sheffield is there a closer office ( although I know at Harley St, you are the best in your field in the U.K) to me? If you could/would advise the time frame is of possible appointment dates that you have available please. I will get the photos to you and I will wait to hear from you regards your recommendation of/if possible the next steps forward. Thank you once again, I’m in very much hope that you are able to help me, knowing if you can’t then I know nobody else can and I would look then to seek going out of the country and back to the U.S where iv’e had other cosmetic surgery. Kindest regards, Darleen Driver

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