I hate my dentures, what is the cost of dental implants?

I have lost all of my bottom teeth and most of my uppers due to dental disease. I have had a new bottom denture made and fitted. The appearance is not as I expected it to be, nothing like my original teeth and my mouth doesn’t close in the same way it used to

The only way they will stay in is with dental glue but that is useless when eating as the whole denture comes out out, they are also ugly and not natural to the way my mouth closes.

The upper dentures need to be done soon but I am so dissappointed with the result of the bottom set, what’s the point? I can’t eat out any more, I can’t even enjoy a meal at home. Fruit, like apples, pears, even plums are completely out of the question now.

I am a pensioner, just how much will it cost to have a denture implant done. I hear so many stories, so many different prices quoted.

I can’t believe the NHS don’t help in this respect. It is not just cosmetic, teeth are for eating with after all!

I know how expensive implants can be but how much exactly, I have heard lots of prices quoted. I am a pensioner but the way I look is still important and more important still I like to eat!

as a guide a new lower denture held in place with 2 implants will cost in the region of £3500-4000. This should hold the denture stable during eating and talking. Although this is a substantial amount of money it will be very worth while investment that should last 15-20 years
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