I Had Dental Phobia As A Teenager And Now I Need To Fix My Gummy Smile. Is This Even Possible?

Hello Mark. I lost teeth on the left side of my jaw due to serious dental phobia when I was a teenager. I had implants about 14 years ago and I am happy with them, the only issue is cosmetic – I have a gummy smile and due to loss of teeth on the left, the gums have shrunk, but not on the right side where I still have teeth, making my smile asymmetrical which makes me feel very self-conscious. Also the bridge over the implants is a different colour from my teeth on the right jaw. Maybe a more appealing and cosmetic bridge over the implants could make a difference? Thank you for taking the time to reply to me. 
Hello. Yes quite possibly and maybe a very skilled implant surgeon could do something about the gum asymmetry? I would need to see you in person however. The best thing to do would be to find an experienced dentist in your area who you would feel comfortable with and could run you through what the procedure involves and ideally has case studies to show you. I hope this helps. Best wishes, Mark.
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