I had dental bridges and crowns done in India, what is the best method of cleaning them?

Q. i have had crowns and bridges done in india , can you advise me on the best method of cleaning them and what toothpaste is best food getting lodge between the teeth is my one concern . and i still do have a bit of sensitivity .,
A. Make sure you use interdental brushes such as Tepe’s in the gaps between the teeth this is really important for the health of your gums and the longevity of your crowns or bridges. A special floss called ‘Super floss’ is also good for bridge work. I would always use a toothpaste containing fluoride as this will strengthen any parts of the roots of your teeth that may be exposed. Expect some sensitivity after the work has been fitted. Your teeth have been through a bit of trauma and need time to recover. I’d let them settle for a couple of weeks. If problems still persist I would recommend seeing a local dentist.
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