I had cheap whitening done and my teeth are worse then ever, what can I do?

hi,I have yellow bad teeth,had a cheap whitening done a year ago now my teeth are back more yellow than before.I was just wondering if there is another efficient way of whitening in front and back of my teeth? because the one I had was with laser but only outside the teeth not the inside or back of the teeth.and do you whiten all my teeth or just the front teeth? and would like to know about the prices because I am a student and have a tight budget and I would like to have an estimation of how much he could cost me for a full teeth whitening and front teeth makeovers?I would be very grateful if you could help me with my concerns because this problems is affecting my life.thank you
You should seek advice from a dentist, perhaps home tooth whitening with professionally made trays would work out best in the long-term
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