I Had Braces When I Was Younger But Now My Teeth Have Relapsed. I Would Really Like Clear Braces. What’s My Next Step?

Hi Mark. I’d like your help and advice if it’s possible. I had fixed braces when I was younger and I felt that the treatment was rushed and I never had them on long enough as they said I should they never take any of my teeth out. I don’t feel like I was told the important information regarding retainers and such. I would wear the plastic braces for rest of my life and to come back when they get tight etc. It’s getting me down and I’ve lost confidence in smiling. Can you give me some advice on where I can go next? Thank you.
Hello. Please go and discuss all your concerns with a local orthodontist or cosmetic dentist. They will give you all the options and a run -down of all the treatment available to you. Try to find an experienced dentist you feel comfortable with. In the meantime you can research the various treatments which may be available to you through this website.  It’s difficult for me to say what is available to you without seeing you in person. Regards


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