I Had Braces For An Overbite But My Arch Wasn’t Widened To My Liking. Can This Be Done?

Hello Dr Hughes. I had overbite and two teeth removed for braces. My arch wasn’t widened at all really and I have a narrow smile and huge dark spaces at either side. My bite is good now but I’m not happy with the aesthetics.
My orthodontist assured me he that did his best but I feel like I had two teeth removed for nothing as now I’m realising they would of helped achieve a wider smile.
My gums at the very side/back are more visible but my orthodontist told me that contouring isn’t for teeth like mine.
Is there a way of widening my arch?
Hello and thank you for your enquiry. Unfortunately at this time it would be impossible to say without examining you first, seeing X-rays and photos. I would advise you to find an experienced cosmetic dentist in your area and discuss your options with them. If you would like more information on the different orthodontic systems available, you can find this through this website. I hope this helps. Regards, Mark.
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