I Had An Infection After A Temporary Filling And Now I’m Told The Only Option Is A Denture. What Would You Say I Should Do?

I had a broken tooth that wasn’t painful or any trouble until my dentist decided to give it temporary filling whilst doing a couple of other fillings that were necessary, following this I have been in agony as it got infected. I went back and they gave me antibiotics which I have almost finished the course but am still in the same amount of pain. they have said they will just need to take it out and the only option of filling the gap they have given is dentures which is traumatising for me to even think about as I’m only 23 they have said no to bridges because both the teeth either side to the broken one are healthy. I never asked them to do anything to that tooth and now I’m in so much pain and upset with the tooth. they haven’t been very nice as they caused this and now are trying to force dentures upon me and keep saying I have no other options. I am absolutely distraught over this and I desperately want some help?
Hello. Thanks for getting in touch. This has obviously been traumatic for you. If you are unhappy with your dentist, and the advice they give you should seek other opinions. It would be difficult for me to suggest what type of treatments you should have without seeing you for a consultation. Infections are an unfortunate thing to happen, they are due to the amount of bacteria occurring within the mouth. Dr Marcus Gambroudes.
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