I Had A Root Canal Done 10 Weeks Ago And I’ve Had To Go Back So Many Times. I Don’t Know What To Do?

I hope you can help me. I had root canal done on my front tooth 10 weeks ago now, I’ve been back so many times, the tooth has been filled so many times the bottom of my tooth is see through. The other day I was given a mouthwash by the filling and it is looking sore and 24 hours later I’m still in pain.  I have had three lots of antibiotics before they started filing the tooth and so much filing has been done that my mouth does not feel the same. The tooth hurts so much, I don’t know what to do any more, some times my ears hurt. When the root canal was having it proper filling put it, I was told I would not need to be numbed up as it was all dead, when something was put into the hole I nearly hit the roof, I never felt so much pain which lasted for a couple of minutes, Is this right what they are doing?
Hello and thank you for getting in touch. Your experience of root canal therapy does not sound the norm and I would suggest possibly getting a second opinion. If a tooth has been very badly infected then it can take some time to clean and prepare the root canal but usually this is not painful if done appropriately. Also, from personal experience it can take some weeks for the tooth to completely settle following root canal treatment, however things should be improving after 10 weeks. To this end I would recommend going back to see the dentist who carried out the treatment and asking their advise or alternatively seeking a second opinion about this tooth from another dentist. Another option would be to arrange to see an Endodontist (specialist in root canal therapy) so they can examine the tooth. I hope you find this helpful. Regards, Marcus Gambroudes.
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