I Had A Milk Tooth Pulled Recently And A Small White Spot Has Appeared Within The Gum. Could This Be An Abscess?

Hello Dr Hughes. I had a milk tooth pulled as it was loose and on the same day had a permanent bridge fitted (adhesive metal wing). It’s two days after the procedure and I have started to experience a pain whenever there is pressure, moreover, a small white painless spot has appeared within the gum above the artificial tooth. The pain is not that bad, more annoying. Do you think this could be bruising post insertion and extraction, or could it be the start of an abscess? It is now four days post procedure and I’d like some advice. Thank you for your time.
Hello and thank you for writing in. It could well be an abscess – maybe a small fragment of root was left behind or it could just be an infection in the site of the tooth extraction. It’s difficult for me to say without seeing you in person and examining you. Please go back to your dentist today to have it looked at just in case. I hope this helps. Regards, Mark.
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