I Had A Crown Re-stuck The Other Day And Now I Have A Gap Between My Front Teeth. Could You Tell Me How To Fix This?

Hi Dr Patel. I have three crowns on my front teeth. I am 47 and have had them for about 20 years! I had a crown re-stuck the other day by my dentist and I now have a gap between my front teeth. I never had a gap naturally or when original crowns fitted.
I returned to dentist who said he could not get the crown out and he’d have to “cut it” out. Is this correct? Anyway he took an X-ray and said I still had two “rumbling” infections above my two front right crowns. I had an apicoectomy a long time ago now and I don’t want to repeat the experience.
He said my only options are to fill the gap by adding some sort of material to my left front natural tooth to close the gap, but he said it would angle out from the top which sounds awful! Could you tell me how I can fix this? Thank you for your time.
Hello and thank you for getting in touch. I would really need to see you to give you the best answer and to see if the teeth have moved your gums and bone need to be checked. I would suggest you find an experienced dentist who has dealt with cases similar to yours and can provide you with examples. If you’d like more information on crowns you can find it through this website. I hope this helps. Dr Riten Patel.
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