I Had A Calcium Deficiency During My Pregnancy. Can Anything Be Done To Rectify My My Smile?

During pregnancy I had horrible case of calcium deficiency, my teeth shifted and I suffered significant bone loss. I would like to know if your six week smile program would be ideal for me since it is a lot gentler in regards to the movement of teeth below the gum line.
My lower central incisors are slightly twisted, the lateral incisors have moved slightly behind the central incisors which have resulted in lower crowding.
My upper central incisors have moved forward and my gum line has elevated a bit, also I have developed a space between them. My right lateral incisor and canine have shifted slighted behind each other. My upper right first and second pre-molars were extracted. Also I have filings in both my upper first molars.

Please advise if anything can be done to rectify my smile. Regards.

Hello and thank you for your enquiry. It sounds like you’ll be a good candidate for this treatment although you’ll need a full clinical assessment first. If you’d like to come to the practice in Essex call 08443 87 87 88.
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