I Grind My Teeth And My Crown Keeps Falling Out. Could I Get Dental Implants On The NHS?

Hello Dr Moore. I grind my teeth and I have crown at the front. I also have two false teeth but my crown keeps falling out. I did have a bridge on my three front teeth but I ended up with an abscess and had to have my root removed. I’m of ill health and my grinding is due to stress, it’s a vicious cycle because I’m worried about my health. I was wondering could I get implants on the NHS or if I could just get two for my front teeth and pay up myself? I don’t know how this all works and I’d just like some advice. Thanks.
Hello and welcome. I don’t think you’ll get implants on the NHS, but you could look at a chrome denture, this would be easier for you to maintain in the long term especially if you grind your teeth. The other option is to either save up for implants or find a practice which offers some kind of payment plan to pay for the treatment in more manageable chunks. I hope this helps, if you require further information on the various treatments available you can find it through this website. Kind regards, Dr Andrew Moore.
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