I Get Sick From Wearing My Denture. Is There Any Other Treatment That Can Help Me?

Hello Dr Hughes. The dentist advised me to have all my upper teeth removed as I was born with a cleft palette which was operated on as a baby. I can’t seem to wear the dentures they have given me as they irritate the roof of my mouth. Is there anything I can do on the NHS or is private my only option? I do work but being a single parent and only aged 49, I would struggle to go privately. I get violently sick whenever I wear my denture. I would appreciate any advice? Thank you.
Hello and thank you for writing in. You could consult both a private and NHS dentist separately and discuss your options with each. You may want to read up on dentures, dental implants or all-on-four and same day smile treatments. Most practice may be able to offer you payment options to spread the cost. Alternatively you could ask your NHS dentist to refer you to a dental hospital for reduced rates. The waiting lists for these is usually lengthy. I hope this helps you. Regards, Mark.
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