I Get Sensitive Teeth But My Dentist Won’t Do Anything About It. What Would You Suggest I Do?

Hello Mark. I still have all my baby teeth apart from the front two on the top and bottom. I am now 19. They’re not loose, however they are painful. When I eat or drink certain things my teeth send a bolting ice pain that shoots through them and it really hurts. It makes me feel really down about my smile as with them being so small they make my mouth appear ‘gappy’. My previous dentist doesn’t really pay attention to my teeth maybe this is because I was an NHS customer. However now I work full time and I pay but I still don’t receive a service where he will look into the issues I’m having. What would you suggest I do? Thank you for your time.
Hello and welcome. I would suggest that you seek a second opinion and possibly change dentists who can provide you with a high level of care from a private dentist. I would need to see you in person to provide you with a fully accurate assessment of what treatment you need. I hope this helps. Regards, Mark.
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