I Fell And Broke My Front Teeth A Couple Of Days Ago, I’m Worried My Dentist Wants Me To Wait For Five Weeks. Is This Right?

Hi Andrew, my problem is that I fell and broke my two front teeth in half five days ago. My lips and face are still slightly swollen from the fall, but I do not have any tooth ache or sensitivity with any of my teeth. I do not know what options I have as my dentist has told me to wait five weeks before getting X-rays. I am worried that this is really a long time to wait and my options may be even more limited. I am 21 years old and would like to keep my natural teeth, depending on their condition I know, but I do not know if five weeks is too long to wait for an assessment. What would my options be regarding treatment and what you recommend?
Hi, hello and thank you for question. I would advise based on what you have told me to find someone to look at them sooner rather than later if it was me. If you don’t feel comfortable with your dentist’s assessment it doesn’t hurt to get a second opinion on these matters. Kind regards, Andrew.
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