I Feel My Porcelain Crowns Are Too Bulky. Is It Possible To Thin Them Out?

Hi, I would like to ask if it’s normal for the top part of a front crown, near the gum area to be bulky? It seems to be interfering with my lip when I close my mouth. I asked my dentist about this and they said it wasn’t possible to thin it out, they are porcelain crowns. I also have a dental bridge used for the crowns on all of my front 5 teeth. I strongly feel it makes me appearance look out of place with the bulkiness. I would like to get them re-done but there’s no way would I pay the amount I already paid for, if the bulkiness can be removed. What do you suggest?
I would suggest that you send me a photograph so I can properly assess it or alternatively come in for a consultation and examination. It could be ‘over-contoured’ hence appearing to be too bulky and this in turn might mean that the tooth underneath was under prepared. However it’s unfair to comment without actually seeing the situation.

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