I don’t want to go through any surgical procedures, can orthodontic treatment help me?

Hi, I was wondering if you could help me? I am 41 and have a very slight underbite. When I bite,my upper and lower teeth align on top of each other unlike, ‘normal’ people where the lower teeth will be behind. I am not able to push my lower jaw back for my teeth to go behind. Is it possible to correct this slight underbite by using braces or any other method that does not involve surgery. I have set aside a budget of £10K to correct this underbite but would prefer not to go through the surgical method.
Hi and thank you for the great question. It may well be possible to carry out an orthodontic correction for your problem. In fact it may be simpler than you think and not cost as much as you have set aside.

My advice would be to go and see an orthodontist or experienced cosmetic dentist who does a lot of orthodontics for advice.

You can also email me a photo if you wish?

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